Our Mission

NextRightChoice is fast becoming THE destination for women exploring their options when faced with an unexpected pregnancy.  Our mission is to:   

help Pregnant Women
Make the Next Right Choice
By Shedding Truth and Light Upon All Choices 

We Support You and Your Choices

When it’s time to make the next right choice, we believe your heart will ultimately tell you what to choose. We also believe that to choose wisely you need to be well informed.  That’s where we come in.  Think of us as your pregnancy journey guide. We are not here to tell you where to go.  Our job is to make sure you are fully aware of all options and related insights from those who have gone before you.  

Pregnancy Choices

When facing an unexpected pregnancy, you have four primary choices to consider:

  1. Birth then parenting
  2. Birth then delayed parenting (safe and loving temporary families are available when biological parents are not quite ready to parent)
  3. Birth then adoption (fifty families-in-waiting for every baby available for adoption)
  4. Abortion 

None of these choices are easy and each will change life as you know it in undeniable ways. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either misinformed or purposely misleading you.

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for Men Only 

Men, we are here for you too, but not just the expectant fathers. Any man who is known, loved, and trusted by a woman in an unexpected pregnancy plays a crucial role in the choices she makes.  Research shows that 61% of the time a pregnant woman makes life-changing choices based upon the support she receives (or lack thereof) from the significant males in her life.

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NextRightChoice is not a medical clinic. NextRightChoice does not perform or refer for abortion. 

You are capable of more
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