If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, you might not know where to turn. You may question your ability or desire to parent a child — and that’s okay. If so, adoption might be the right choice for you. At NextRightChoice, we provide education about adoption to help you determine if it’s the next right choice for you.

Is Adoption Right
for Me?

Only you can know the answer to that question, but we offer help by answering your questions and providing education about adoption.

There are various reasons for women and couples to choose adoption for their baby, such as:

  • They are not in a position (financially, emotionally, health wise, etc.) to raise a child
  • They are too young to parent a child
  • They want to focus on their educations or careers
  • They do not want to parent children
  • Their own relationship problems would negatively impact their ability to parent

Any reason for questioning your desire or ability to parent is a valid reason to consider adoption. We are here to offer information so you can consider it in a thorough, thoughtful and truthful manner. The truth is…adoption may be the most difficult choice to make, but it may also be the most loving choice to make for your baby. 

Get Educated About Adoption

Despite what you may have heard or feared, when considering the adoption choice, the truth is…you are in control. There are several different types of adoption and you get to define the terms of your adoption arrangement. Depending on the level of contact you desire to maintain with your child and the adoptive family, you can choose an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. The trend is towards more open adoptions, including planned visits and shared holidays, but that is entirely up to you. Most adoptive parents readily accept the expectant mother’s terms.

Most importantly, the truth is…once the baby is born, an expectant mother has a period of time during which she can decide to keep her baby despite a pre-existing adoption agreement. This “revocation period” varies by stateWe will help you understand the laws in your state and refer you to an adoption agency or attorney if desired.

Considering Adoption? We Can Help!

If you are considering adoption, we can help. Whether you want to learn more or need help getting connected with an adoption advisor, we’re here to support you. If you’re ready to consider adoption, we encourage you to visit MyBabysFamily to meet some adoptive families in a pressure-free environment.

With fifty families waiting for every infant available to adopt, there truly is no such thing as an unwanted baby in America today. That’s why NextRightChoice has partnered with MyBabysFamily to introduce you to some of those adoptive families-in-waiting.

You are capable of more
than you know.