If you cannot currently provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for your child, but would like to work towards that goal, delayed parenting is an option to consider.

What is Delayed Parenting?

Delayed parenting arrangements can be made through children’s homes, foster parents, or family members who agree to parent your child until you are able to assume that responsibility. Once you and/or the father meet previously agreed upon criteria for healthy parenting, your child is released to your care. The release criteria vary according to state laws and policies of the organization (or individuals) providing temporary care for your child.

We know of an excellent delayed parenting option in Tampa, Florida.  It is called Bundles of Hope and is offered by Hope Children’s Home.  Hope has been caring for children from newborns to late teens for over fifty years and is nationally recognized as a highly ethical and compassionate children’s home provider.  To learn more, please watch this Bundles of Hope video.

Why Choose Delayed Parenting?

Parents who desire to one day parent their child may find delayed parenting gives them the time to meet healthy parenting criteria. Examples of things to do while working towards healthy parenting might include:

  • Establish a steady income
  • Leave a dangerous relationship or situation
  • Find safe, healthy, and consistent housing
  • Educate yourself on how to care for a child
  • Seek treatment for addictions or health issues
  • Establish healthy boundaries between mother and father

There should be very clear written criteria regarding what you must do to assume parenting responsibility for your child.  Ideally, those criteria should be reviewed by an attorney before a final agreement is reached.

How Can NextRightChoice Help Me
Research Delayed Parenting?

Delayed parenting is less commonly known than the other pregnancy choices, but can be an excellent choice. We are happy to help you locate delayed parenting options in your area or other parts of the country.

To learn more about delayed parenting, contact NextRightChoice today!

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