If you are interested in growing your family through domestic infant adoption, NextRightChoice can help. We can connect you with expectant mothers considering adoption and adoption advisors (agencies, attorneys, facilitators, consultants) who provide valuable services for their adoptive parent clients. We strongly recommend establishing a client relationship with an adoption advisor in the early stages of your adoption journey. Our affiliate, MyBabysFamily.com, has many adoption advisors listed on their site.  For a list of adoption advisors in your state, select State at the bottom of this page.

Consider Your Preferred Adoption Arrangement

Your adoption advisor can help you decide upon your preferred adoption arrangement –open, semi-open, or closed. As their names imply, the type of arrangement is determined by the level of interaction between the adoptive parents and the biological parent(s) after the placement has been made.

Open Adoption

Open adoption allows for open communication and possibly scheduled visits between the adoptive family and the biological parent(s). This enables the biological parents to be involved in the adopted child’s life to whatever extent the adoptive parents are comfortable with. Open adoptions have become very popular in recent years, so offering that option to potential birth parents can greatly improve your odds of matching with them.

Semi-Open Adoption

A semi-open adoption is often referred to as “mediated adoption” because communication is passed through an adoption advisor. After the adoption is final, adoptive parents can send updates about their child to the adoption advisor to be shared with the biological parents.

Closed Adoption

Closed adoption does not allow for any communication between adoptive parents and biological parents before or after the adoption is finalized. Names and contact information are not shared with either party. Closed adoptions are becoming rare and adoptive parents would be well-advised not to limit their preference to closed adoption only. A possible exception to this would be when they have prior knowledge of the biological parent(s) leading both parties to mutually agree that a closed adoption would be best.

Your Online Adoptive Family Profile

To maximize your exposure to expectant parents considering adoption, most adoption advisors recommend having an online adoptive family profile. Many provide online profiles for their clients on their own sites. That’s a great start, but to maximize your profile’s exposure we recommend posting your profile on as many sites as you can manage. One offering both FREE and paid subscription profiles is MyBabysFamily.com. In America today, there are fifty families-in-waiting for every infant available for adoption. To increase your odds of growing your family through adoption, consider posting your profile on MyBabysFamily.com.

To learn more about adoption, contact MyBabysFamily.

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