If you are facing a unexpected pregnancy, you may feel alone. NextRightChoice was created so you don’t have to face this challenge without support. The truth is…you are not alone.

Our Truth and light Promise To You

As your guest pregnancy journey guide, we make this Truth and Light Promise to you:

We Promise To Always Tell You The Truth
While Compassionately Shedding Light On The Key Facts

Your Choices

When facing an unexpected pregnancy, you first need to know you have choices. All of the choices are yours to make, while each comes with far-reaching consequences.

What Does Your Baby Look Like Today?

It might help you to know what your baby looks like at the current stage of development. If you would like to view a medically accurate rendering of a baby at the same stage as yours, just click below on how many weeks pregnant you estimate you are.

How far along are you?

How To Handle The Pressure You’re Feeling

It is very common to feel pressure from well-meaning, caring family members and friends who are genuinely concerned about you and your baby. But some go too far in their efforts to influence the choices only you can make. Some assume your right to choose gives them a right to an opinion which they express by either providing or withholding support for your choices. This is unfortunate and unfair, but very common. NextRightChoice can help relieve some of the pressure you’re feeling.

“I’ll support you in whatever you decide”
What does this Statement Really Mean?

That depends upon who is making such a statement. If it’s coming from a long time close friend who has proven to love and support you unconditionally in the past, then you can probably take it at face value. If your parents make this statement, you should dig deeper to understand what they mean by “support” in each of the major three choice scenarios.

If the father of your baby makes this statement, you definitely need to dig deeper to understand what he’s really saying. Before doing so, you might first search your own heart to understand what you truly want him to be saying.  We are not suggesting this to better prepare you in hopes of changing his mind. Much to the contrary. We are suggesting this so you can discern the true gap between your idea of “support” and his.

Your partner is the one person who truly has a right to an opinion regarding the choices before you. His failure to voice his opinions may indicate a lack of true support for you. 

I feel trapped

This common feeling comes in two primary forms. You may believe only one choice leaves you with hope for the future. Or you may believe no matter what you choose, there is no hope for your future. Neither is true. You are stronger than you know.  

Your Self-Guided Pregnancy Journey

You control the course this journey takes. We will always tell you the truth about what you want to know. Occasionally, we’ll seek permission to tell you what you need to know, but may not have thought to ask.

We Are Here For You

NextRightChoice is not a quick in/out convenience store of information. We encourage you to visit this site often during your pregnancy journey and to contact us with any questions we have not answered here. We would be honored to hear from you. So please, do not hesitate to contact us because we truly are here for you.

You are capable of more
than you know.